Map layers

The Map layers menu controls what is displayed on the map.

You can find the Map layers menu on the right side of the screen, either clicking on the three lines icon next to the search bar or clicking on the Map layers button in the navigation box.


Available Map layers

Contextual information

  • the Drainage network and Lakes and waterways toggles respectively display the IHDTM drainage network and waterbodies.
  • the SAAR 41-75 (mm), BGS Hydrogeology, Urban Extent 2000, and Urban Extent 1990 toggles reveal sliders that control the transparency of the layer. A fly-out legend is available for these options hovering over the three lines icon.
  • the 1km graticule and 50m graticule provide a simple gridline overlay. These grids are automatically hidden at low magnification levels where they would otherwise obscure the map.
  • the Basemap toggle displays the Ordnance Survey map.

Gauging stations


  • these toggle the visibility of purchased Catchment data and Point data. The switches labelled "Purchased Catchments" and "Purchased Point Data" control the visibility of data that has been purchased by your user account, whereas "Org-purchased Catchments/Point Data" refers to sites purchased by users who belong to the same organisational account *.

*If you have an individual (non-shared account), the "Org-" switches will have no effect.