Point data

In addition to river catchments, the FEH Web Service also allows you to interrogate specific points on the map for their soil and climate descriptors, and rainfall characteristics. Specifically, the following descriptors and rainfall are available:

  • SAAR6190
  • FEH22 and FEH13 rainfall DDF data (the legacy FEH99 model is not available for points)

As less data is available, point are cheaper than catchments.

Step 1: Selecting and purchasing your point data

The process for selecting and purchasing point data is similar to Catchment data workflow:

  1. Choose a location on the map and zoom in a little. It might be helpful turning on the drainage network layer in the Map layers menu.
  2. Right click image.png on the location you are interested in and select Point data.
  3. After a brief pause, the system displays a preview of the point data.
  4. If you are happy with your selection (noting the coordinates of your selected point), you may opt to purchase it in order to retrieve the descriptors and access the rainfall modelling screens. To do so, you will need to log in and spend some of your Credits.
  5. Click on the "Buy now" button in the point menu. A confirmation window will appear: in there you can rename the point and add a tag. You might want to add a tag to easily search for a group of catchments that, for example, were part of the same project.

Purchased catchments and points remain associated with your account granting you perpetual access to the data.

Step 2: Viewing and exporting your point data

To display purchased points on the map, select the toggles Purchased Points Data and Org-purchased Points Data in the Map layers menu. The Points will appear in the map as brown icons.

You can also view previously purchased points in the Data Management window, using the three lines icon in the blue tool bar, screen right.

Exporting point descriptors and rainfall

Once you have selected a purchased point, the side menu will expand to show the full set of point descriptors.

These can then be exported click on the green "Export" button image.png. The XML file includes a full set of catchment descriptors and FEH22 and FEH13 rainfall for modelling in tools such as ReFH2 (v3.3+). The legacy exports includes XML files that do not contain a complete set of descriptors and rainfall data for legacy applications.


DDF rainfall modelling window

You can perform DDF calculations for the selected point clicking on the blue "Rainfall" button image.png to access the DDF rainfall window.